Outdoor, social areas and industrial canopies and awnings


Entrance Canopies

Differentiate your property from the others with a grand entrance that will welcome visitor to your hotel, resort, restaurant, office or facility.  Awnings and canopies emphasize your property by welcoming guests and residents, provide protection from rain and sun and make your property work.  They can be designed to cover just the front area, including the walkway or even the drive.  They provide functionality, build your presence and name, are user friendly and provide customers with protection from the elements.  Contact us to see what we can do for you!


Terraces and Patios

Terrace and Patio Canopies come in a wide variety of styles and shapes. Custom canopies create maximum usage of space and create an environment for your one of a kind Hotel, Resort, Restaurant, Arts Facility, Educational Facility, Hospital.  Our representatives will assist you with design or work with your architect or designer in creating a canopy that harmonizes the space and takes in all the necessities to make your project work.


Awnings and Canopies for Parks

Awnings and Canopies make areas of your park time thrive.  Waterfront areas are enhanced with stage or shade canopies for venues that can be used year-round.  Awnings and canopies provide shaded areas by tennis courts, swimming pools and golf course areas and driving ranges.  Excercise stations, picnic and play areas are shaded.  UV rated fabrics provide needed protection from harmful rays. Please call or email for a free quote.

The National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention recommends safety tips for preventing Skin Cancer.  Shaded recreation areas are recommended for students, athletes, fans, spectators and guests.

Smoking Area Canopies

Outdoor Canopies provide areas where your clients and employees can feel free to smoke away from others.  The clean indoor air act establishes this for establishments and places of employment that includes offices, school grounds, retail stores, banquet facilities, theaters, food stores, banks, financial institutions, factories, warehouses, employee cafeterias, lounges, auditoriums, gymnasiums, restrooms, elevators, hallways, museums, libraries, bowling establishments, employee medical facilities, rooms or areas containing photocopying equipment or other office equipment used in common, and company vehicles.  We provide many sizes and shapes of canopies that will provide you with what you need.

Industrial canopies and awnings

Commercial Canopies are an alternative to fabricating an enclosed building for your business.  They provide a great way to display products and to create additional workspace.  Employees and loading docks are protected from the elements.

Roller Curtains can be added to give additional protection from the sun and rain.  They provide privacy.

Escalator Canopies

Outdoor escalators need protection from the elements.  SUNSET AWING CORP offers canopies for escalators that are airy and keep your clients from feeling enclosed.