Recreation awnings


Walkway Canopies and Coverings

Walkways greet clients and guests and also connect areas.  Hotels, resorts, offices ,service centers, shopping malls, schools, entertainment venues, recreation areas, golf courses, hospitals or wherever you need coverage; SUNSET AWNING CORP can provide you with different styles and designs.

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Canopies and cabanas for sports and recreational areas

SUNSET AWING CORP has a wide variety of awnings and canopies for recreational uses.  For Golf courses, we have canopies for shading at driving ranges, canopies work to cover walkways and paths, shaded rest areas, canopies for golf cart parking and patio and terrace awnings and canopies for entrances and dining.

For recreational areas with water sports or activities we have cabanas for pool and beach side, cabanas for products, towels and equipment, canopies for entrance gates and areas for waiting in line, locker areas, changing areas, stage and amphitheater, walkways, theme park areas, even canopies to camouflage other facilities.


Shade crowded areas with awnings

Other canopies we provide are for ballpark shelters for your players and spectators, tennis shelters, shade areas for theme parks, zoos and cruise ships.

The National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention recommends safety tips for preventing Skin Cancer.  Shaded recreation areas are recommended for students, athletes, fans and spectators.